The Elegant, Comfortable and safe stair lift

Capri is the choice for the serene enjoyment of your home in freedom.

For mobility in the home, choose the comfort and quality of Vimec Capri: with its unique technology and ability to turn corners, it is outstandingly compact, elegant and sturdy. Capri has immense personality: the most comfortable seat on the market, which gives top priority to the needs of those who use it every day.


Up and down travel: the joystick on the armrest makes all operation automatic and convenient. The floor control boards are wireless and can be used to place the stair lift in the position required or call it to the floor.

Easy installation

The Capri stair lift is designed and manufactured to adapt perfectly to your staircase: this makes it easy to install and minimises installation procedures.


  • The “Plus” chair allows you to fold the arms, seat and footrest in one simple gesture.
  • Available in leatherette for a comfortably soft seat.
  • Minimum dimensions with the foldable seat

Immensely flexible and space-saving

Designed for installation both on the outside (opposite the handrail side) and on the inside of the staircase (handrail side), this stair lift enables you to choose the layout best suited to your home’s specific features. No problems of space on the staircase: the footrest, seat and armrests all fold neatly away.

Safety and comfort

You can move around exactly as you want, thanks to the various features included for your personal protection. The footrest, in non-skid material, is fitted with safety edges ensuring that the Capri will stop when obstacles are encountered. At the destination floor the seat can be rotated by 75°, fully facilitating a safe and convenient unloading: the gradual start and cushioned stop provide a smooth ride, with complete comfort for all users. The wide range of seat and rail colours available, allow you to match your interior design scheme.