Furnish With A Lift

When fitting a lift in your home is impossibility, our A4000 is a possibility the most installable home elevator suitable for installing into the tiny space where traditional lift can’t go. Cibes A4000 is the small platform lift that is easy to fit. With a wide range of options and accessories, this lift blends perfectly in any private home. When compared to other alternatives, you will find that the Cibes A4000 can be installed with a minimum of space and effort. For top floor landings with extremely low overhead requirements, we also offer a 1.1 meter half door solution.

Big Space Small Package

1 square m footprint

Cibes A4000 platform lift with a small footprint of 1 square meter, for loads up to 300 kg and 3 persons. Perfect for when you have no space for an elevator but must have one!

One of the advantages of our screw driven lifts, is the reduced headroom above the top floor level. For the top floor ceiling height, only 2.2 meters is required for a standard full height door, or otherwise in the most constricted spaces, we can also provide gate access on the top landing.

A lift that Blends In

The robust modular shaft can be finished in a range of different RAL powder coated colours or built with safety glass panels. Choose from any of over 240 different colours to suit your home and personal taste.

Time for Planning

Cibes lifts can be equipped with automatic door openers as an option. The controls on the lift are simple, elegant and suitable for the home environment, one touch call buttons are provided on each landing for ease of operation. One other advantage of our screw driven lift solution is that even under ZERO pit conditions our lift can be installed, in most any kind of structure from detached home to high rise apartment.