Let Your Heart feels Luxury

Lift is the most comfortable moving luxury in a villa. Walking smoothly is an attitude, and living freely is a style.
Going up and down is not only for the purpose of arriving at your destination but also taking care of and loving your family members. As a first grade expert for lift customization, we conduct tailor-made design based on the original structure of building. Let elegance, green, safety and comfort marge into your noble and fashionable life.

Save 30% Energy

With multilevel short magnetic circuit structure and short span concentrated winding, the motor features low heat emission, high efficiency, saves up to 30% energy. Its unique electromagnetic design reduces shaft current, dramatically decrease shaft failure, and improve work efficiency.

Environmentally Friendly

It has a new type of driving system – permanent magnet synchronous gearless driving system and does not need lubrication oil. Your family will become more environmentally friendly.

Maintenance Part

  • Tailor-made maintenance solution offers comprehensive and reliable guarantees.
  • Modern upgrading solution meets the constantly changing demands of customers.
  • Strong customer service center serves you 24 hours all the year round.
  • Perfect service network and all-round service outlets offer the most convenient excellent services.
  • Adequate parts supply respond to customer demands the fastest speeds.