Symax Global

You don’t need to sacrifice your independence just because you have a bend, curve or spiral staircase. A curved stairlift can address the accessibility challenge in your home. (An alternative to a curved stairlift in some cases it is possible to install two straight stairlifts)


  • Exceptional durability and construction.
  • Power folding footrest.
  • Customizable up to 360 degree spiral Stairways.
  • Padded seat and backrest give you comfort and extra support.
  • Directional paddle switches give you complete control.
  • An inertia safety belt is fitted to all of our stairlifts so you feel secure at all times.


  • Our slim fold away design has folding arms, seat and footrest.
  • A lockable swivel seat means you can get on and off your stairlift without twisting your body.
  • Direct fixture to your stairs means that there’s no mess, no fuss and no need for any structural alterations or repairs.
  • Modular rail allows the rail portion of the lift to custom fit your stair case
  • Safety sensors on the footrest and carriage stop lift automatically if any obstruction is encountered.
  • Hand-held remote controls allow users to call or send the lift up and down the staircase


Curved stairlifts have tracks that are specifically designed to suit staircases that turn flat corners or spiral staircases. All SYMAX curved tracks are made to custom fit your staircase after conducting a detailed survey of each individual staircase. We offer you the following curved stairlifts