Care your good like Care of customer

  • High quality products ensure that goods go up and down freely.
  • Challenge for carrying imagination
  • Care for your goods like care for customer
  • Safety first

Precision Docking, Quick Construction

The high standard manufacture and custom-made design have precision docking, meeting your special requirement basing on keeping the construction structure intact. Simplifying design makes the construction more convenient and shorten the manufacturing cycle.

Professional, Safe and Stable

Perform scientific and sophisticated structural design with the strength 1.5 times higher than national standard, making SYMAX lifts much safer. Cabin adopts the bent steel sheet structure. Bearing capacity and safety are higher than traditional cargo lifts adopting welded section material. SYMAX cargo lift takes the lead in introducing permanent magnet synchronous motor driving in domestic cargo lift field and by applying well proven variable frequency control technology, meets the fast changing the demand of vertical logistics.

Control System

Integrated 32-bits control system

  • High safety
  • High reliability
  • Small volume and compact structure
  • High integration
  • Signal transmission more rapid
  • Good electromagnetic compatibility