Easy Move

The Easy Move Lift has state of the art structures in terms of strength, versatility and design.

These structures can be customised with different types of glass panelling to suit installation of all kinds, with tailor-made versions and installations even in particularly difficult applications.

A Vimec outdoor lift never requires invasive building works: installation is completed quickly and with great care, thanks to a network of skilled dealers always up to date with the latest products and techniques.


The Easy Move Lift gives added value to its setting, through simple tailor-made installations, both indoors and out.

Available from two to five floors, it is an ideal system both for renovation projects and for new buildings: no masonry work required.

Versatility, Comfortable and safe

Quiet and discreet, it is absolutely convenient even for transporting the shopping, child buggies, and any other heavy or bulky items from one floor to another within the home. With Easy Move, getting around the house could not be easier.
Easy Move fits into any surroundings, guaranteeing your home a prestige installation that will increase its value.


  • Only occupies the space strictly necessary to ensure the user’s comfort and safety.
  • Various personalisation options
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation
  • Quick to install with no major building work required
  • Reliable, and with load capacity up to 400 Kg.

Design and Reliablity

Vimec’s focus on styling is expressed through the shapes and materials chosen to express wellbeing, attention to details, and a love of our work.

The Easy Move Lift is a tailor-made not only in its functions but also in its personalised combinations; the colours and trims available enable the Easy Move to fit perfectly into any environment, whether a home or a public building.