Ladder Leading to Success

Interaction between people and building from the start point to higher level luxurious and smooth lines combine the feeling about environment with beauty of the building. Help you toward success in a stable and comfortable way.

Customization Design

Based on your building, perfectly match the individualized designing style and the architectural space. SYMAX adheres to the philosophy of quick manufacturing. Thanks to years of customized design. SYMAX is capable of delivering a customized solution within 3-7 days, reducing manufacturing lead time by 50%, greatly increasing manufacturing efficiency and saving resources.

Sophisticated structural design with the strength 1.5 times higher than national standard makes SYMAX lifts much safer.

Lean Manufacturing, Quality Assurance

Lean manufacturing management system shortens manufacturing lead time by 30%-50%.

Deserve your trust for years of manufacturing expertise.


Adopting rectangle tube truss with good welding and heavy load, makes running stable and reliable.