Symax Dumbwaiter

Dumbwaiter elevator provides swift, convenient and economical vertical transportation for various constructions which greatly saves the time and human resource presenting a beautiful environment.

Widely Use In Every Places

These elevators are widely applied to the hotels, restaurants, apartment buildings, banks, office buildings, hospitals, mails, factories, libraries, labs and post offices, etc. for delivering such items as foods, dishware, daily necessities, money, documents, medicines, cargos, books, instruments and letters, etc.

Safe and Smooth

  • Compact Space is required
  • It brings about smooth elevator running and accurate levelling
  • Humanistic design make the operation more perfect
  • Dumbwaiter is safe, practical and elegant. Its operation and maintenance are easy.

Safety and Comfort

Dumbwaiter is equipped with every device to ensure your safety while using; equipped with shock - shear and crush proof devices and TUV type approved safety gear. Soft start and speed limiting device near bends are just two of the features to ensure the best comfort. The seat rotation and the sturdy footrest ease the landing. Elba can be installed on very long stairs, ensuring minimum encumbrance of curves and landings. The design and double rail guarantee stability and movement comfort.