Infinite intelligence, creative art

SMART is not only the name of a product, but also the classic work of SYMAX. SMART is a type of small-room passenger lift to benefit life with technologies manufactured by SYMAX.

Customize Your Comprehensive Cost

SMART can meet customer’s demand among the many alternatives must be smart products. Not showy, but impeccably smart. Smartness makes every step necessary and irreplaceable.

Smart Product Design

Adopt Creao 3D simulation design system as well as realize parameterized design, scientific configuration, non-standard visualization and intensive space through real-time modelling.

Smart Control System

  • The main control board adopts dual-core 32-bit microprocessor technology.
  • The frequency converter adopts the latest sixth generation module with temperature resistance as high as 175°C.
  • Adapt to worse working environment to effectively prolong service life.