The platform stairlifts

This range of platform stairlifts provides safe access to all public and private premises. Thanks to the simplicity and comfort of the design, they can be used easily and safely and provide fully independent access to the next level.

Strong and Reliable

The V64 and V65 platform stairlifts are suitable for installation both indoor and outdoor. Thanks to the innovative design features the V64 and V65 will continue to perform, even in severe weather conditions.

Technology and Safety

V64 and V65 are equipped with wireless carriage and landing control stations. Both the V64 and V65 are available with retractable safety arms. This allows both products to be used even in areas with a reduced headroom and increases the storage options, when the lift is not in use.


  • The V64 and V65 are available in 3 standard platform lengths.
  • Standard - 830 mm a compact platform for installation with small staircases and landings.
  • Large - 1050 mm to accommodate all types of wheelchair.
  • Extra-large - 1250 mm to meet all transportation needs.