Home Lift

  • Born for your house
  • Made for your personality
  • Luxury concept is defined as the physical and mental freedom.
  • Make home quieter, greener and more convenient.

Passenger Lift

The simplified cabin and design, which is bright and spacious, makes the ride experievce more comfortable. The integrated design, special locking technology and integrated control system of the main unit beam not only increase the matching between components, but also simplify construction and installation, and shorten the construction period on a scientific and reasonable basis, so as to reduce your time cost as well as integrated cost.
Featuring green technologies including permanent magnetic synchronous hoist machine and door operator, LED cabin lighting, super slim LOP, Passenger Lift is designed to achieve high efficiency, energy saving and designed for residential buildings.

Stair Lift

For mobility in the home, choose the comfort and quality of chair lift; with its unique technology and ability to turn corners, it is outstandingly compact, elegant and sturdy. Chair lift has immense personality: the most comfortable seat on the market which give the top priority to the needs of those who use it every day.
Designed for installation both on the outside and on the inside of the staircase, the chairlift enables you to choose the layout best suited to your home’s specific features. No problems of space on the stair case: the footrest, seat and armrests all fold neatly away.


Dumbwaiter elevator provides swift, convenient and economical vertical transportation for various constructions which greatly saves the time and human resource presenting a beautiful enviroment.
These elevators are widely applied to the hotels, restaurants, apartment buildings, banks, office buildings, hospitals, mails, factories, libraries, labs and post offices, etc. for delivering such items as foods, dishware, daily necessities, money, documents, medicines, cargos, books, instruments and letters, etc.

Escalator / Travalator

Interaction between people and building.
From the starting point to the higher level.
Luxurious and smooth lines combine the feeling about environment with beauty of the building.
Help you toward success in stable and comfortable way.