No more worries … welcome back Dolce Vita

VIMEC DOLCE VITA is the chair that eliminates the problem of stairs and leaves space to your independence.
Your home contains all the beautiful things in your life: family, memories, comforts and all the affection that stays around you every day. Living your home every moment in full autonomy is a pleasure you can continue to share with your family without any limitation and with comfort.

Change your life without changing your home

Does the thought of going up and down tiring stairs prevent you from moving freely? Choose the VIMEC DOLCE VITA chair and you can continue to enjoy your hobbies and your loved ones; you can regain your independence and safety with an enormous benefit to the whole family in terms of tranquillity and serenity. Because VIMEC DOLCE VITA is the stair lift chair designed to offer maximum comfort and no worries, improving the appearance of the home and its liveability

Maximum Flexibility and Little Space Needed

VIMEC DOLCE VITA Can be installed both on the inside and on the outside of the stairs. No space problems on the stairs because the footrest, seat and armrests fold away completely. The seat and the footrest close and open together with a single light touch. From the colours offered for the seat and the track, you can choose the ones best suited to your decor. it takes just a few simple gestures to be at ease with the chair.

Safety and Comfort for everyone

The footrest, in nonslip material, is fitted with safety edges that ensure that the chair stops if there are obstacles in the way. At the destination floor the seat can be rotated 75 degree, facilitating exit. The start and stop are extremely soft and pleasant for anyone.