Nay Nyi Nyi Lin

Technical Manager

Mr. Nay Nyi Nyi Lin is Technical Manager and founder of ServoFlower, an Elevator and Accessibility Equipment Company. He began working in the engineering industry in the early 2000’s. He received his bachelor’s degree in Mechatronic Engineering in 2004.

During the past decade his work has focused upon providing the elevator service for projects in public and private office buildings, apartment residences, hospitals, colleges, and secured government facilities, mainly in Singapore.

With over 15 years of Elevator and Accessibility Equipment Experience as Engineer and Technical Manager in Asia, he is capable of understanding the various types of lifts and elevators.
Nay was a Certified Safety Supervisor and a member of BizSAFE risk management in Singapore and he has completed various safety and technical training programs for lift and elevator.
He has set higher goal for the company to be the recognized leader in service excellence among all.

Aung Ko Lin

Project Manager

Mr. Aung Ko Lin is an elevator and escalator Installation Supervisor with more than 10 years of industry experience. His casework includes matters related to the design and construction, modernization, maintenance and service of elevators and escalators, including associated service contracts.

Aung has worked for both large and small elevator companies and performed his work internationally. At the MITSUBISHI ELEVATOR (SINGAPORE), he was a project supervisor for modernization, concerned with updating outdated elevator systems to increase safety, save power, and improve overall service. Some of Aung’s more notable projects include quality control and quality assurance of elevators and escalators at OUE Bayfront (18-storey premium Grade A office tower, transformed from the former Overseas Union House).